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Daily Archives: January 3, 2016

A Few Good Posts

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The New Year in blogging. My philosophy for 2016. I am going to go for quality, and not quantity. Fewer posts. More content. New material.

I realized that many of my posts are reruns of former years. Thanks (or no thanks) to Facebook memories. I want to remedy that. To find different things to blog about.

Interesting in my year end blog stats. How my older posts keep getting viewed. Like that baby chick thing from Tractor Supply.

tsc and community garden 001

That post keeps getting hit. Over and over again. Even in the winter here, I get hits. From places in the Southwest, where I suppose they are looking for chicks in their temperate climate.

hexbeam 029

My other big topic with staying power. That hexbeam of my husband’s. From all over the world. I think I should photograph more of the diagrams if the number of times that picture gets viewed is an indication of popularity of a topic.

Also, for whatever reason, people seem to be obsessed about life without heat. It was my second most viewed post. Mine wasn’t even that dire. It was a whiny post because our heat pump gave up the ghost and it was cold on our first floor for two days.

It is interesting to see what people read the most. Besides these few strange topics, my food posts get more views. I am not classified as a food blog, even though I do blog often about what I cook and what we eat.

lisbon and dinner 065

Those three top posts weren’t from 2015. WordPress tells me I should write about them again. Since they have “staying power”. Or maybe I should put more of my dining posts up here as they are also popular.

I don’t know. I like to write about what is happening now. Not what I did in the past. I do know that this year I need to expand¬†my horizons and make this more of a regionally focused blog, instead of just Howard County. Spread the wealth, so to speak.