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Spring Cleaning

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Inside and outside. Finally we feel we have turned the corner and spring really is coming. We paid a bit of attention to sprucing up the outdoors today. Pruning and raking.

flowers and food 025

We have these lovely kousa dogwoods that bloom every spring. Today I spent the time to clean out those vertical shoots. It’s a bit late to prune but they haven’t started to bud yet, and it is still cold enough to take off those small shoots that shouldn’t remain.

I also did a quick inspection of the rhododendron.

flowers and food 030

I love these rhododendron and they did quite a bit of drooping this winter. I am crossing my fingers to see if they recover once the weather warms up.

As for my final inventory today. I wondered whether this will be another winter where the herbs get devastated. It looks like most of the rosemary didn’t make it. The sage up at the community garden may still be alive but that has me worried also. The thyme is still alive. As is some of the lavender. This was a brutal winter.

Coming up this weekend. The massive clean up and the new mulch laying in. We have a two day clean up scheduled with a local landscaping company. There will be large amounts of mulch put down. Pond clean up. Some final pruning.

All in all, this property takes a bit of time to maintain. The living things that surround us here are important and make this yard a real oasis all summer. I don’t mind getting out there and cleaning it up. Makes us ready for those lovely spring cook outs. And scenes like this.

spring flowers 040

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